About GallowayNow


GallowayNow is maintained by Michael Greb, a Galloway resident. I work for ZipRecruiter.com as a Software Engineer. As a software developer and someone interested in my town, I wrote software to generate the web pages shown now at GallowayNow over the course of a year. I realized that I had begun to amass a small collection of Galloway centric web pages that might be useful to other residents, I purchased the domain name then cleaned up and unified the isolated pages I had made into what is now GallowayNow.

The Software

The software used to create GallowayNow is Open Source Software. Which means it is freely available to anyone to use or modify as they wish. The full source and log of changes to the code are available on GitHub.

The Hardware

The site is served by a Linode.com server (Linode is also Galloway Township based). The live audio feed comes from a Uniden HP-1 scanner at my home connected to a netbook that encodes and streams the audio to the Linode for serving.

Site Status

Site status is available via the external monitoring service Pingdom at http://stats.gallowaynow.com/